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StormWinds Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots from our upcoming game called StormWinds:

StormWinds Screenshot 1

StormWinds Screenshot 2

StormWinds Screenshot 3

Really quick post here..

StormWinds is nearing completion and it looks amazing. I actually had not seen it since the end of august, but Jared sent me its current state last night/this morning, and to say the very least …it is going to rock your socks like chicken pox. In all honesty you’ll actually probably just have to throw your socks away.. I’d say that there might be a gameplay video up soon, but you should be seeing this game released in roughly a week, so I would just suggest figuring out how much vacation and sick time you have saved up so that you can just use it all at once.

With warm regards,
Eric Ottati, @ Hero Interactive

Minesweeper: The Movie

Eric sent me this a few days ago, thought it should be posted here. Perhaps one of the greatest games of all time (that come packed with Windows), Minesweeper the Movie looks like it could be better than some of the other video game movies out there….

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