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Chrono Space!

Welp, long time no post!

Some of you may have caught the comment I posted a few weeks back regarding some upcoming news, and my not wanting to make a formal post about it until things were a bit more finalized. Well, we’re still working on finalizing things, but regardless, THIS is that post!

Before I get started on updates, I should go ahead and do my usual “sorry for never updating the blog” thing, so:


Both Jared and myself have moved on to/started various other projects, so it has at times been difficult to balance the distribution of energy between commitments. For this, we apologize. As has also been previously mentioned, there are a few things around the site that are broken due to a recent server migration. We are aware of this and are in the process of [slowly] fixing things. Patience.

Moving on…

Alright, there are two biggish things happening over here at Hero, but unfortunately we can only really talk about the first until the second has been 100% confirmed. So, without further delay….


See that banner up there? Look familiar?!? That’s because it’s essentially the same logo and font from STAR FORGE! Confused yet..? Well, you should be… because I sure am taking my time explaining what’s going on:

We are FINALLY  taking some of the necessary steps toward bringing our games to mobile, and to get our toes wet we’re partnering with our good friends over at Super2Games to port Star Forge (Which will now be called Chrono Space, due to a naming conflict with another game) over to iOS and Android!

Star Forge was developed right from the start with hopes of being brought to mobile, so we’re super pumped for this to happen!

I don’t have a whole lot to show you guys yet, but what I CAN say is that we’re only a few weeks out from launch and that it’s looking GREAT! We’re right smack in the middle of testing, creating trailers, creating a website for the game, etc. so I will have a LOT more for you very soon! :D

I’m going to hold off with mentioning anything else at the moment, as this is already quite a wall of text, but MORE is coming!

Thanks for always being so awesome!

- Eric


Recent Portal Additions:

Bashing Grounds on AG

Hey guys! I wanted to let you know real quick that Bashing Grounds just went live on Armor Games! Go play it up! Enjoy!


Recent Portal Additions:

BTTD Quests on AG

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up that the original BTTD now has Quests on Armor Games! Go gobble ‘em all up! ;)


Recent Portal Additions:

Bashing Grounds E.E.

Bashing Grounds!

I just pushed a new build of Bashing Grounds to the website which addresses some bugs that were brought to our attention, as well as a number of other adjustments. Make sure you see version number “1.0.2″ displayed in the bottom-right corner of the Main Menu to be sure you’re playing the most recent version of the game.

I also maaaaaay have added an Easter egg to this build of the game. You maaaaaay find yourself owning BT3 Parts Packs 1 & 2 for FREE if you’re one of the first THREE people to find said Easter egg and follow the instructions given when/where you find it.

Have a great weekend ;)


Recent Portal Additions:

Bashing Grounds – Teaser

Bashing Grounds!

I was just throwing some Bashing Grounds footage together for the new website and thought you guys would be interested in seeing it. ;)


Bashing Grounds – Final Stages!

Bashing Grounds!

Bashing Grounds has moved into the final stage of development! The game is being pushed out to testers and will be showing its face extremely soon ;)

If you’ve forgotten the basics of how the game works, here’s a refresher:

Bashing Grounds is a tower offense game which pits you against enemy forces in intense battle, continuing until only a single victor remains! Place and control ally structures to produce waves of various unit types to battle oncoming enemy armies, ultimately destroying all enemy presence on the map!

Level up your structures to produce stronger, more efficient units, all while building your overall experience. Obtain usable items with experience, allowing for further ways to assist you in vanquishing your enemy, including napalm attacks, factory turrets, and more!


Here’s some updated in-game eye-candy to hold you over this last little span of time:

Updated Level Select Screen!

Bashing Grounds!

Bashing Grounds!

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 – Patch v1.2.0

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey gang! Super quick update here as I’m jumping around between a million different things…

I finally got around to getting another patch over to Dan at Armor Games and he has just informed me that the file is live. Check for version number 1.2.0 on the Main Menu screen to make sure you’re playing the most recent build (See previous blog post for further details). Feel free to check the changelog page to see what issues have been addressed.

In addition, thank you once again for your patience. As I mentioned earlier, I’m but one mortal man jumping between many tasks (One of which is our next game!! SHHHH! More to come on that soon..), so I appreciate your patience and awesomeness!

Now go be awesome!! Oh wait, you already are.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 – Patch v1.1.0

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey guys!

So, as is painfully apparent pretty much anywhere that allows users to comment about the game (including my overflowing email inbox), the game had some major bugs & balance issues upon release on Armor Games.

I wanted to inform you guys quick that a patch of the game just went live a few minutes ago on Armor Games which addresses a great deal of these issues. Further patches will be released periodically over the next few weeks to get this game as solid as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has all caused you and hope these patches help make up for said inconveniences. Hopefully the death threats in my inbox will begin to dwindle now…

So head over to Armor Games and get playing! Just make sure you’re playing the most current build of the game by making sure your game version is v1.1.0, such as this:


If it doesn’t match this version, make sure to F5, ctrl-F5, etc. until all is right in the universe.

If you’d like to keep up with where we’re at with bug fixes, balancing adjustments, etc, I’ve set up a changelog page so that you can do so. Keep in mind that I will be updating you guys here with each released build, so don’t feel like it’ll be some huge secretive process ;) Thanks for being awesome!


Long time no post!

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey guys!

Firstly, it’s been waaaay too long between posts and new Hero information, and I apologize. There’s been an awful lot of that lately, but I wanted to let you guys know that things will be picking up quite a bit in just a few weeks :D

We’ve had a number of setbacks and complications all across the Hero-board due to a great many things, but guess what’s in the testing/bug-fixing stage?? B DOUBLE-T D 2!

We should have the game out for you guys to rock really soon here! I apologize for all of the things that have contributed toward the insanely long development time-span of this game, and assure you that I’m just as excited to have this game finished as you guys. We’ve got lots of games we’re stoked to move forward with following this release!

Secondly, some of you might have noticed that the Bubble Tanks 3 server was down for maintenance recently. We took care of the issues that needed to be fixed and wanted to officially inform you that it is back up and running!

Keep checking back for updates, and thanks once again for your continued patience and Hero allegiance! You guys rock!

We’re alive, I promise!

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey guys! We ARE still alive, don’t worry, just very busy busy. This did make me laugh though.. I will try my hardest to keep you guys updated more frequently :) (That smiley face means we’re all cool now, right? Forgiven? Good…) Just try to remember that the less you see me here, the more I’m getting done of BTTD 2!

Speaking of which, BTTD 2 is rolling along here, we are definitely on the tail end of things now. But, having said that, keep in mind that this beast has a massive tail. Lots of balancing, fine tuning, and last minute additions and changes are still continuously happening. I can already sense the amount of homework this game is going to cause not to get done once released, not that we condone that…

Here’s some screenshots to hold you over:

Main Menu

The super sexy Main Menu. You're trying to click those buttons right now, aren't you..?

Level Select Screen

The Level Select Screen.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 (BTTD2) Update #2

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Whelp, we’re continuing to crank on Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 and it’s really starting to come together.  We’ve been working on different screens such as the Achievement Screen and Level Select Screen and we’re now bringing them all together and hooking them up.  We’ve also got a number of modes working such as Random Mode (you don’t know which wave is coming until it arrives) and we have fixed path levels implemented.  Although you can’t tell from the screenshots below, we have tower targeting implemented (you can change how towers select enemy targets).

One thing that I think everyone is going to love is our new wave display.  Wave icons are more clear and when you roll over them you can see the composition of the incoming wave as well as the total bonuses you will get if you send that wave (and all others before it) ahead early.  Also note: not only do you get more points for sending waves early, but you also get more Bubbles as a bonus.  Just be careful you don’t send more than you can handle as you can get seriously burned!

BTTD2 Screenshot

Description text and icons are still missing, but you can get an idea of how the interface is getting laid out.

Shifty Trailer!

We’re still looking for someone to partner with for distribution of Shifty. In the meantime, here’s a trailer!

You can see how the game is played and the types of puzzles you can expect. For those of you not familiar with Shifty, it’s a puzzle game in which you are given colored stones they need to shift around in order to group all matching colors together (adjacent, no diagonal). Each stone has a number on it, indicating how many times it can be moved. There are 30 levels,  plus a survival mode in which you solve as many puzzles as you can as fast as you can! You can also see some of KC’s awesome background art in motion!

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