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Chrono Space has LAUNCHED!


Alright, so I know that we only first announced this project’s existence mere weeks ago (and that this post makes a total of only two posts on here about it..), but…..  IT’S HERE!!

We had a great time working with the fellas over at Super2Games and we’re incredibly stoked by how well the original game (Star Forge) translated over to mobile! The game is available for both iOS AND Android!

Chrono Space details:

Defend your rugged space outpost against an onslaught of alien attackers! Watch their seemingly endless numbers fall to your mighty defenses, fully customized and bristling with destruction, in this fast paced, action packed, single player game where time is your only resource!

  • Unique game mechanic whereby time is your only resource! Will you spend a pause before the next wave building new towers or producing some explosive new add-on components for your existing towers?
  • Tower components allow you to fully customize each tower by upgrading, unlocking devastating abilities, and changing the look of each individual tower based on the mixture of components added!
  • What you focus on building, how you stockpile resources, and where you freely place towers gives you limitless strategy options for constructing the ultimate defense!
  • Multiple game modes including an infinite survival and an accelerated progression gameplay mode bring with them an endless variety of challenges for you to test your skills!
  • Compete in the Leaderboards to prove you are the best!

Head on over to the game’s Official Website for further information!


Recent Portal Additions:

Bashing Grounds RELEASED!

Bashing Grounds!


If you’ve forgotten the basics of how the game works, here’s a refresher:

Bashing Grounds is a tower offense game which pits you against enemy forces in intense battle, continuing until only a single victor remains! Place and control ally structures to produce waves of various unit types to battle oncoming enemy armies, ultimately destroying all enemy presence on the map!

Level up your structures to produce stronger, more efficient units, all while building your overall experience. Obtain usable items with experience, allowing for further ways to assist you in vanquishing your enemy, including napalm attacks, factory turrets, and more!

Head on over to the site and get bashing!


[ POST EDIT - 09.25.13 ]


  • Close Quarters
  • Target Focusing
  • Long-Range Advantage
  • Large Waves


  • Unit Production #1
  • Unit Production #2
  • Sending Units
  • Factory Levels & XP
  • Fortifying Units
  • Unit Ground Control
  • Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 – Patch v1.1.0

    Bubble Tanks TD 2

    Hey guys!

    So, as is painfully apparent pretty much anywhere that allows users to comment about the game (including my overflowing email inbox), the game had some major bugs & balance issues upon release on Armor Games.

    I wanted to inform you guys quick that a patch of the game just went live a few minutes ago on Armor Games which addresses a great deal of these issues. Further patches will be released periodically over the next few weeks to get this game as solid as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has all caused you and hope these patches help make up for said inconveniences. Hopefully the death threats in my inbox will begin to dwindle now…

    So head over to Armor Games and get playing! Just make sure you’re playing the most current build of the game by making sure your game version is v1.1.0, such as this:


    If it doesn’t match this version, make sure to F5, ctrl-F5, etc. until all is right in the universe.

    If you’d like to keep up with where we’re at with bug fixes, balancing adjustments, etc, I’ve set up a changelog page so that you can do so. Keep in mind that I will be updating you guys here with each released build, so don’t feel like it’ll be some huge secretive process ;) Thanks for being awesome!


    Shifty has been RELEASED!!


    Wow, another release so ‘soon’?? That’s right, Shifty just went live over at Armor Games! You can go HERE to play!

    In case it’s been so long that you’ve forgotten:

    In Shifty, players are given colored stones they need to shift around in order to group all matching colors together (adjacent, no diagonal). Your baby brother could do that, but throw in the fact that stones are limited to a handful of moves indicated above and the game gets a lot harder! Swap two stones, and the numbers for each go down by 1. Stones with 0 are un-movable and a show stopper!

    Once you get all the colors grouped with matching colors (meaning all reds next to reds, and all blues next to blues) you win the level! Again, sounds simple, but as the game progresses it gets more and more challenging. Early boards will start out as 3×3 squares with two colors, and will eventually grow to a mind melting 6×6 and five colors!


    Pixel 2 is RELEASED!

    Pixel 2

    Hey gang! Eric here, checking in to let you know that Pixel 2 is RELEASED! You can go HERE to play the game on!

    Pixel 2, the sequel to our hit shooter Pixel, features even more colorful explosions! Featuring four worlds with unique enemies, Pixel 2 takes the original game in a new direction with powerful new abilities! Freeze, burn, shock, and unleash other powerful abilities on your enemies!

    The game also includes a survival mode!


    Dead Metal is RELEASED!

    Dead Metal Banner

    Great news everyone!  Dead Metal is RELEASED!  You can go HERE to play the game on!

    Dead Metal is a top down shooter set in space, built off our powerful BT3 game engine. In fact, summing it up as Bubble Tanks in space with Star Forge art would be a pretty good way to describe it. The game was a result of just tinkering with the game engine and seeing what we could do. Once we were flying around launching missiles and blowing stuff up, we agreed- this is awesome.

    The game features over 30 unique enemy types across 5 races as well as 10 avatar ships with extremely varied weapons. The last mission is a survival mission, see how long you can last as hordes of enemy capital ships come down upon you and get the best score possible.

    The game saves after each mission completed.


    Scrap Metal, FTW!

    Retired Wizard Defense is Released!

    Retired Wizard Defense

    It’s out!  Can you believe it?  Finally, you can now play Retired Wizard Defense over at  Go check it out and drop some toilets on some goblins.  My best score is just over 10,000!

    Conjure Released!


    Play Conjure on ArmorGames now!

    Conjure is a shooter game in the spirit of Bowmaster Prelude. Pull back and aim your spells at enemies! Conjure has a twist on that concept though: ELEMENTS! Your foes, allies, and spells are all element based. There are four elements, and each is strong against one element, weak against another, and neutral against the third. PLUS they each have their own unique attributes. Upgraded wind spells knock enemies back, and upgraded earth spells slow them down.

    Take control of awesome spells and kickass elementals as you take down your former apprentice and save the kingdom!

    Zoo-Opolis is Live!


    Check out Zoo-Opolis now!

    At long last, Zoo-Opolis is now live! You can now go forth and pick your starting creatures and begin building an epic zoo like no other!

    Here’s a quick recap of the features:

    • Build your own zoo and fill it with all the creatures you collect throughout the game!
    • Visit your friend’s zoos!
    • Creatures also have special cards that represent every creature you own.  You can view your collection and even view the collections of your friends!
    • How you treat your creatures matters!  Enclosure size, special items inside the enclosures, hunger, crowding, pen-mates, and items you can give to your creatures all make a difference!
    • Breed Creatures and keep them or sell them to make money.
    • Trade creatures with your friends to expand the number of species in your collection!
    • Customize every aspect of your zoo: edit the terrain, place objects, easily build enclosures, and more!  Build your standard zoo, or go with something more extreme or themed.
    • Create your own character and buy items for them as you play the game.
    • View your friend’s characters!
    • Send your friends gifts to help them with their zoo!

    And some of our future updates:

    • Explore the Zoo-Opolis world!
    • Purcase USABLE buildings that you can enter and set up enclosures in.
    • Build/buy and set up traps to capture rare creatures!
    • Visit towns and talk to NPC’s to discover new creatures and buy items.
    • Crafting!  Combine items to create not just objects but creatures as well!

    We’ve also set up an FAQ/Starter guide that can be found here.

    Checkpoint is Released!

    Play Checkpoint now!

    All you have to do is reach the check point at the other side. That’s not too hard, right? Just try to do it in the fewest number of lives possible if you can please.

    Some of our testers have said: “is this another one of those games where you’re a test subject and the computer is talking to you?” The answer is no. You are not a test subject, there is no computer.

    We just wanted to taunt the hell out of you while you die over and over again. :)

    Star Forge is Released!

    Play Star Forge on Armor Games!

    For those of you just joining us- your goal is to build towers in order to protect your factory from marauding spaceships. Select components for the factory to build, then use those components to build towers! Towers evolve and grow depending on what components you place on them. Scrap Metal is what’s used to get the tower going- then you can add range buffs, damage amplifiers, and bullet upgrades such as explosive damage and slowing! There will also be one-time use items, such as tower heals, bombs, and recycle- which will break your tower back down into its components so they can be reused.

    This game is one of our favorites, which is saying a lot. Once you beat the standard game we also threw in some survival modes to give you room for bragging to friends.

    BT3 Goes Viral!

    Bubble Tanks 3

    BT3 has gone viral today, and you can now find it on Kongregate and Newgrounds. Additionally, the release package is available to anyone who would like to host BT3. Go here to download a version of the game that you can upload to a website you own.

    Many of you are familiar with the story of Jason’s accident only days before the release of BT3. We’ve gotten a lot of well-wishes and support for Jason, and we’re quite grateful for that. But, like any story that gets posted online, there are some doubters. So we thought we’d show you just what his truck looked like after the accident:

    So yes. This did happen. Fortunately, he was able to get it repaired and it’s now back to working order! With a couple dents, but at least it runs. :)

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