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Featured Tank #72

Just a quick heads up, it was requested that we allow Hero Account users the ability to add their own custom avatar icons, so that is now possible via your Account Edit page. Hopefully I can get something a bit more substantial pushed out for you guys super soon ;)

Thanks for being awesome!

Today’s Featured Tank is the Diker by Sonicfan00!!!

Name:  Diker
By:  Soccerfan00
Tank ID:  E10097743

(Know of some awesome tanks you want me to show off? Post the code in the comments!)


Recent Portal Additions:

Featured Tank #70

Welp, you guys have likely noticed a few new things showing up here and there ;)

We’ll be doing a number of soft-launches moving forward, so keep checking back for ‘em! Hero accounts are currently in early beta and are a work in progress. You’ll notice some features are currently faded-out, indicating that they are not yet implemented. As time goes forward, you will see more and more account features integrated into the site. We’re launching Hero accounts and its features in this manner in order to make sure things are working as intended, and so that we can get features out to you guys quicker than if we were to wait to do it all at once.

So sign up for an account, look around, read the account information in your inbox, and let us know how stuff is looking so far! We’re excited to get these features pushed out!


And, here’s a sweet tank:

Today’s Featured Tank is the Strong Sharpie by Highfire!!!

Name:  Strong Sharpie
By:  Highfire
Tank ID:  E10096071

(Know of some awesome tanks you want me to show off? Post the code in the comments!)


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Featured Tank #68

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, but we’re still here. A lot has been/is changing around here for Hero (per usual), but we are still here. As you’ve likely noticed, things have slowed down a bit here on the blog, and will likely continue to be a bit slower for a little while, but I’ll do my best to keep some posts coming.

We’re playing around with the idea of releasing what we’ve got done so far of Hero Accounts, regardless of them not being finished. That way you guys could at the very least be using them while we push out further features as they’re completed. We haven’t entirely decided on this yet, but I thought I’d give you guys a head up to get your thoughts in. I’ll keep you posted, or you’ll just suddenly see Hero Accounts live on the site! We’ll see ;)

As always, thank you all so much for your support, patience, and your awesomeness!

And here’s a featured tank because why not :)

Today’s Featured Tank is the Wrath of the Depth by Kolla!!!

Name:  Wrath of the Depth
By:  Kolla
Tank ID:  E10095600

(Know of some awesome tanks you want me to show off? Post the code in the comments!)


Recent Portal Additions:

Featured Tanks Page

Alright, I finally took the time to get a Featured Tanks Index going on the site so that you don’t have to go searching through the blog to find past favorites. Go check em out, and per usual, be sure to post the IDs of any favorites you don’t see there in the blog comments!

Let’s fill that page up! Hope everyone’s having a rockin’ Tuesday!

  • Featured Tanks!

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    Fan Art Update!

    The fan art page has been updated, go check it out! Keep em coming, guys!


    Recent Portal Additions:


    New Website!

    So, lots going on, not all of which I can talk about yet.. New game news is coming as soon as a few more things are finalized, but until then…

    The new website has been live for a little bit over a month now, and I thought it’d be a good time to get any feedback you guys might have. Like something? LOVE something? Hate something? Find something annoying? Wish something was different? Suggestions for future features we can push live? I’m looking for all of the above. We’ve obviously got a ton of possible ideas for the future, including user accounts, achievements, beta testing area, etc etc… But now’s your time to get your word in and possibly have some influence on the direction of the Hero Interactive website as we move forward!

    Aaaaaaand GO!


    Recent Portal Additions:

    New Blog Look

    Monday Monday Monday…

    In case you haven’t already noticed, the blog looks a bit different now. I decided it’d be better for the blog to actually look like it’s apart of the rest of the website rather than just a stand-alone page with its own theme / look.. Done and done. I also updated the fan art page, so check that out if you want, as well!

    Let me know what you think!


    Recent Portal Additions:

    Hero Fan Art Page

    Hey guys!

    We’ve got a busy week ahead of us over here, so to ease into the workload I thought I’d start it off with something light… Boom! There’s now a designated page on the site for fan art.

    So, if you’re over the age of 13 (COPPA) and have a Hero Interactive related work of art you’d like to be featured on this page, email us your masterpiece at and we’ll add it! We’ve gotten some really cool stuff in the past and we’d love to see what else you guys have got for us to see!

    (Additionally, we’ve lost a lot of the fan art we’ve posted on the blog in years past due to technical issues.. If you are aware of any past fan art whereabouts, please let us know!)


    Recent Portal Additions:

    Friday Friday Friday!

    Audio Player

    Happy Friday!

    Well, I accidentally already added a few features to the audio player I uploaded to the website on Wednesday, including loading optimizations, audio visualizer, and pop-out window option. Nothing big, but I figured I’d mention it here.

    If for any reason you don’t see these changes, try clearing your browser’s cache. Here’s the link again in case you missed it:

  • Hero Audio Player

    Recent Portal Additions:

    Hero Audio Player

    Audio Player

    Hey guys!

    Welp, so far this week has been filled with an abundance of planning, research, and headaches while we try to finalize the specifications surrounding our next game/project now that Bashing Grounds has been released. I can’t say too much about it yet, but I will say that we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. (Yay work!)


    I made you guys something to play around with while we get our crap together.

    We’ve gotten lots of requests from people over the years regarding our game music, so on Saturday I threw together an audio player for the site.

    As of right now, it’s extremely simple, but I’ll likely add more functionality to it as time goes by and let you guys know about it here as I do (Pop-out player ability? Audio visualizations? Playlist control?). Once we get user accounts up and running on the site there will be a lot more I can do with it, honestly.

    For now, at the very least you no longer have to open a game and play/navigate to the part where the music you like is located. (And at the VERY very least, I had fun making it. So that’s something I guess..)

    If you’re looking for a specific track and can’t seem to find it, leave a comment and I’ll check to see if I forgot it or something.

    Alright, I’m done jabberin’. Enjoy.

  • Hero Audio Player

    Friday Comics Indexed

    Hope you guys are enjoying the new site!

    As I said previously, we’ve got a lot of things planned for it, so get excited! There are lot of little things still being adjusted, fixed up, and added with what’s already visible on the site, so hang in there while we finalize a few things regarding the basics of the site.

    Speaking of which, I just spent about a half hour tracking down every Friday Comic I could find on the blog and threw a page together on the site so that you can find them easier than doing what I just did. I also started an “Other Pages” section on the right sidebar of the site for pages such as this. I threw FAQs over there, too. If we ever start Friday Comics back up again on a weekly basis, this new page will be updated as well. Enjoy!

  • Friday Comic Index

    Keep checking back, we’ve got another big update next week!

    (HINT:  Rhymes with “Splashing Clowns“)

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