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A Fond Farewell

Today we honor and bid farewell to two of our long-time team members, Jimmy and Steph.

Jimmy has been a developer for Hero Interactive for some time now and has contributed greatly to our little company. Our game Pixel was his brainchild and he did most of the work for it. He’s off to college to finish up his degree and hopefully we’ll see him again in the future.

Steph was the community manager for HI since 2008 when she began taking charge of the blog and the newsletter. She’s off on maternity leave. Once the baby comes she’ll have her hands full and won’t be returning, though, being Jared’s wife she won’t be far away.

Thank you to both of these people who made working with HI a little more fun and exciting! Adios!

Happy Birthday To…

Our fearless leader, our attractive company creator, our imaginative daddy-pants, our hard-working buddy, and the man who makes sure we all get paid…

Jared is having a birthday today! Lets all celebrate! Woooo!

More BTA Fan Art!

Over the past few days we’ve been getting a steady flow of BTA fan art. We’re so excited that you’re all excited! Check out some of the latest pieces we’ve received.

Above: Art by Metamence

Above: Art by Eeli7

Above: Art by segaahearn

Above: Art by jojo

More and More and MORE BTA Fan Art!

This one is by Guus and is of a Demolisher!


More BTA Fan Art!

Check out this cool piece of BTA fan art by Pengujack9!


More BTA Fan Art!

Our second piece is from PTK7!


More BTA Fan Art!

The other day we got quite a few pieces of very cool fan art! So in honor of BTA’s release we’re gonna put some up here and there for you to see! The first piece is by Lino…enjoy!


BTA Released!


Bubble Tanks Arenas was JUST released exclusively on Armor Games! Go! Go now! Go play it!

Be one of the first to play HI’s most highly anticipated game!

Something to Occupy you for a Moment

While we’re waiting for BTA to be released, check out this sweet fan art! CrobeSama sent it to us and we were rather impressed! Do you have any BTA or other HI fan art that you’d like to send us? Send it to and it could wind up on the blog or in the newsletter!


Take a Deep Breath People…

We are working on releasing Bubble Tanks Arenas but because we work so closely with Armor Games we are really on their schedule and they’re three hours behind us. Please keep in mind that harassing us (or AG for that matter…please don’t do that) won’t make things go faster. We’ve gotten hundreds of comments (some NOT so friendly) in the past few hours and we wanted to let you know that the game IS coming out today, but we’re not entirely sure exactly when. I wouldn’t expect it for at least another 3-5 hours. So take a deep breath, watch some t.v., do some homework, listen to some music, go for a walk…just do SOMETHING for a few hours and later you’ll get to be one of the coolest people on the planet – those who are playing BTA!

On the flip side, thanks for being so excited! We’re SOOOO excited and it’s always fun to know that you all are excited, too!

New Interns: Day One!

Some of you may remember our previous intern, Brent. Well he’s back and ready for more abuse…uh…fun and excitement! And joining him is a newcomer to Hero Interactive, Lisa! I’ll have to get a little information about them so you can get to know them better, but I just wanted to say, “Welcome Brent and Lisa! We hope you learn lots and enjoy your time with us here at HI!”

“The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Armor Games”

Go check out this cool article about our good friends at Armor Games! It covers things like how the company got started and where the company might be going from here! It’s a fun read so go! Go now! Check it out!

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