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Really quick post here..

StormWinds is nearing completion and it looks amazing. I actually had not seen it since the end of august, but Jared sent me its current state last night/this morning, and to say the very least …it is going to rock your socks like chicken pox. In all honesty you’ll actually probably just have to throw your socks away.. I’d say that there might be a gameplay video up soon, but you should be seeing this game released in roughly a week, so I would just suggest figuring out how much vacation and sick time you have saved up so that you can just use it all at once.

With warm regards,
Eric Ottati, @ Hero Interactive

New Game..? Again…..?

Today was a strange day. We (Jared and I) started working around 1:30pm. Around 3:00pm somehow there ended up being a six pack of beer in the office, which then lead to us accidentally making another game… Well, it’s not done completely, but it might as well be. It already rocks, but we’ll most likely tweak it for a bit to make sure things are as righteous as they should be. It probably won’t be released until after StormWinds, just to push us to get that done quickly. There’s info and a picture on the main site, so check that out.

Jeez, wasn’t Bubble Tanks II suppose to be out like a month or two ago….?

With Warm Regards,

Eric Ottati @ Hero Interactive

Westwood College Online should be taken offline and beaten with wood from the west..

Here’s something we’ve been laughing at here at Hero Interactive:
Westwood College Online Advertisement

I know very little about Westwood College Online, but I do think we need to write them and ask them to stop demeaning our industry. Either that, or enroll. Both would be equally as funny to me.. Shortly after watching the advertisement, we found this: WCO Phone Conversation

I’m fully aware that tightening up your graphics after level 3 isn’t a matter to be taken lightly, but I’m surprised she stayed on the line the entire time. For more information, click here

On a side note, I hope you all enjoyed triangles. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed neutering your brains. I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite comments on the game from

“Um, I’m a cyclops, so this is kinda difficult for me…”
- gmprunner

“I am still looking for the hypotenuse of Drop Dead Fred.”
- CDoug03

“Annnnnd… I just had a seizure. Thanks fellas.”
- volvinator

- amrush4th

“i was expecting like wario ware and half-life 2….that would be hard.”
- gamemaster357

“I was doing great until….”ROTATE!”"
- TheKidd

“This is giving me bad memories of trying to play Nibbles (“snake” written in QBASIC) in 2 player mode by myself when I was young…”
- dvsbastard

“Thank god someone invented this game. I was sick of playing one game at a time.”
- ledguitar

“So when are those dual core brains coming out?”
- JayRD

with warm regards,
Eric Ottati @ Hero Interactive

Welcome to the Hero Interactive Blog!

Welp, we finally took a break from playing multiplayer Worms to set this blog up. We’ve been talking about doing this for some time and it has finally happened. Welcome to the official Hero Interactive Blog.

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