Who are we?

Hero Interactive is a small studio based out of west Michigan, specializing in game development and web/media technologies.

We've been one of the top Flash game developers in the online community, creating such popular titles as Bubble Tanks, StormWinds, Pixel, Pirate Defense, and many more in our arsenal of over 30 games. Our focus has always been on game innovation, quality, and fun. With our hearts set on these goals we've created and released over fifteen of our own IP projects- each a success that we take much pride in.

With the help of our valued partners these games have spread out across the world, are hosted on thousands of sites, and have been played millions of times. Whether you're looking for the highest quality and best performing games on your website, or you're just looking to strengthen this new and growing community, we want to help!

The Crew

Lead Engineer
Jared Riley
Contract Artist
If you are interested in working for Hero Interactive, head on over to the jobs section of the site to see if you meet the necessary requirements for any of the currently available positions posted.

Chrono Space has LAUNCHED!
Posted on Friday September 04, 2015

‘SUP! Alright, so I know that we only first announced this project’s existence mere weeks ago (and that this post makes a total of only two posts on here about it..), but…..  IT’S HERE!! We had a great time working with the fellas over at Super2Games and we’re incredibly stoked by how well the original ...

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